La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, François Alexandre Frédéric, Duc de

La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, François Alexandre Frédéric, Duc de
   Chiefly remembered because of his valuable and entertaining Travels, "full of keen, fair-minded observation regarding every variety of detail of life in America as this exiled French nobleman found it, told in a readable style, not without an occasional touch of humour." Exiled from France in 1768; returned, for several years, and went into retirement until after Waterloo. Made a peer of France at the Restoration.
   Index: Dr Not allowed to visit Lower Canada, 290. S Visitor to Upper Canada, 56; his observations, 71, 73, 74; describes opening of Legislature, 92, 93; high opinion of Simcoe's secretary, 178; describes Colonel Smith's house, 179; on scarcity of servants, 182; entertained by Simcoe at Navy Hall, 187, 230; on Simcoe's household, 187; Simcoe objects to some of his remarks, 188; on Simcoe's military talent, 225.
   Bib.: Works: Voyage dans les États-Unis d'Amerique fait en 1795-97; État des Pauvres en Angleterre; Le Bonheur du Peuple.

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